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Possible Set back on Plans

March 24th, 2017 at 08:43 am

My house mate is in the midst of looking for a different job. Truth is I don't blame him, the company he is working for is extremely under paying him. The companies he has interviews with currently are willing to pay him almost 2 times what he is currently making to do the same type of work as he currently does.

So how does this affect me? Well he is going to be moving out. The house is currently rented by him, I have been paying around half of the monthly expenses. I will be able to take over renting the house when he moves out, if I chose to do so. When he moves out my expenses will go up something incredible. This increase will set back my debt payback schedule by a large amount, not sure I am willing to let this happen. I will be delaying my debt payback by a month more each month that I do not share the housing expense.

Find a new person to share the house with. I am incredibly shy about this idea, it is really hard to find a good person to share with. Not saying not possible, I just hate the search process. I am not a shy person, I am scared about trying to sell my own stuff though, including trying to find someone to share my living space.

The other option is to go homeless. This option would have the benefit of increasing the amount that I could be putting towards paying off my house back home.

It is almost summer. Put all my possessions into a storage unit, Minimal cost. I could sleep on the ground during the rain free nights, sleep in my car when it rains. Colder nights(well I have lots of blankets). Troubles with idea: Have to find a fake home for when parents come(so that they don't realize I don't have a home, I will ask one of the people at church if they would play this role), this is only a few times a year. Yes, winter could be a major problem, it gets fairly cold here(still lots of blankets, and could maybe sneak my way into sleeping under my desk at work at night).

Yes, the second idea is really me being funny. Though I am seriously thinking about the idea, as I hate the idea of letting go of the budget plan I have to get rid of debt. You see the debt I have is killing me slowly. I only slept a few hours last night, because I realized I might be delayed by as much as 3 years or more on paying off my house, if I am unable to find a way to keep my expenses at the what I currently have. There is no way that I want to be away from my home for longer than I possibly need to be.

Yes, the debt is a mortgage on a house that I do not live in. Why not sell it? If I sold that house I would be debt free. If I was not having to pay for that house, I would be quitting this job and going home to be with family. See the only reason that I stay here is to pay off the debt I still owe on that house. I would be able to buy a decent house in a small town back home for the amount I have already invested in my house. Sounds nice, but really love that home and want to eventually have it paid off so that I have a nice place to live.

Short term I am sacrificing comfort, so in the future I am in a position of being able to completely relax.

10 Responses to “Possible Set back on Plans”

  1. Guppy Tender Says:

    Going to need to get a small cooler, to store food on a short term basis. Meaning I will get food that will be able to stay good at close to room temperature for a few days. Then I will use it up before it spoils. Eggs-1 dozen at a time will stay good for at least a week at room temperature, loaf of bread, small amount of cheese, salsa, canned soup, and small quantities of milk. I already have camp stove to be able to cook over. Yeah, I think the homeless idea is do able.

    Slowly planning out how I can go homeless, if needed.

  2. kashi Says:

    I don't know much about your situation, but could you find a smaller place to rent by yourself?

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    I would personally be looking for roommate before I would want to go homeless. There are usually lots of options in between owning and being homeless, and as mentioned above renting a small space in someone else's home would be far better.

  4. Guppy Tender Says:

    Rent is actually pretty high in this area. Not extremely high in a way, just that I am frustrated that this is going to totally blow my budget. I really am hoping to find someone somehow that I can share the house with. The only way to keep housing cost at current level is to share the housing cost.

    I really can not imagine going homeless. Though I am seriously considering that option. I do not believe in broken promises, and I made a promise to myself that I would have this home paid off 10 years from the time I purchased it. I am 4 years in currently. To do this plan I need to be able to keep my budgeted expenses close to what I have now. I am actually behind schedule at the moment, because of being out of work for a year or so.

    I have about a month before I will have to make my ultimate decision on what I am going to do. I believe in planning ahead as best as possible, therefore I am starting to brain storm the possible options now.

    You have to be willing to make sacrifices to pay off debt.

    "Be Gazelle Intense"-Dave Ramsey

  5. PatientSaver Says:

    Surely it is easier to find a roommate than going homeless.

    Maybe you are not looking forward to the whole process because you don't know how to go about it. I would make a list of things that are important to you in a roommate. Someone who's quiet, a neatnik, whatever.

    Then make a list of attractive qualities about living with you; this would probably include the price, for one. Do you have a nice view? Is it near public transportation? Located in a safe area? I'm sure you can come up with a variety of reasons why someone would want to live there with you.

    I think you have to be honest about the kind of person you are and communicate that clearly to those who come to meet you so they know what to expect. So it's a combination of clearly spelling out the benefits and pitching the place as well as being honest about your habits and preferences.

  6. My English Castle Says:

    Have you considered airbnb or something like that? Don't sleep in the car.

  7. jp Says:

    Not sure where you are living, but grad/phD students are EXCELLENT roommates. They spend most of their time at the school studying and you can find one that only wants a semester at a time, and they can stay longer if you mesh well (2 years for master's, 4+ for phD).

  8. VS_ozgirl Says:

    What about another option of being a roommate? If you can't find one that you would feel comfortable living with perhaps also look at houses that are looking for roommates. You might find that if you are in the position where you can't find someone that you would live with but you could look for a place and the people looking for the roommates could be exactly the type of people you could imagine yourself living with. If you are adaptable to change you will definitely avoid being homeless. As PatientSaver has said, definitely think about the various aspects (ideal roommate, property details, pro's and con's of it all). Good luck!

  9. rob62521 Says:

    I can't even imagine choosing to be homeless. You are a braver soul than I!

  10. Guppy Tender Says:

    I still have a home at this point. Truly not sure I am fully capable of actually going homeless. At the moment I am exploring ideas.

    I think I will stay right where I am, with a home. Will sacrifice as necessary to keep a roof over my head.

    I admit it is fun thinking up plans of how I could make things work as a person that literally used their car as a place to stay. Really hope I never have to do it, at least not for more than a few days. I have slept over night a few times in my car when travelling within the United States, really sleeping on any of the seats is difficult(less than comfortable).

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