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Progress Report_Sorta

April 12th, 2017 at 07:11 am

Latest Items that have seen Progress.

-I got the last of the new windows installed yesterday. This is completely paid for, nothing owing.
-Decided to payoff an extra little bit of my mortgage yesterday. Reduced by 4 more weeks. Now have 16y37w left.

Now for future planning. I just might be abandoning my idea of having my house paid off 5 years or so from now.

My friends back home, the ones that I have served as a helper to in the past, are partitioning for me to move back there. I truly do want to get back there, which you all already know.

I still don't know whether I will move back in the near future. I am planning to set myself up such that I will be able to do so, when the time comes that I feel I need to. I am going to put paying down my mortgage on hold for the next few months and rebuild my emergency fund. I used up a big chunk of my emergency reserve paying for the new windows.

My friends contacted me after I had already made the decision to make the extra payment on my mortgage yesterday. Pretty sure I would have made that particular payment anyways. Smile

I slept less than 3 hours last night, due to the stress of thinking about when I possibly should move back home, and what I should do to make this possible. Sorry if this whole post is a little disjointed, lack of sleep is bound to have messed up my thought process.

How am I going to go about finding myself work back home?(Just starting to plan this one out, sure that I have a decent plan, so scared that I will not find work, when I move home) Hey I can survive on minimum wage, just prefer not to.

Why give up the excellent job I currently have, that has allowed me to pay off 3 years worth of my mortgage in less than 1 year? I love this family so much that I am willing to sacrifice everything for them, if needed.

I am thinking I will move back home sometime late this summer. I will base this decision on what I feel is the true need. Yes, I do believe there is a true need for me to move back to help these people. Also there is a piece of this that is due to my heart desire to be with these people. Plus I am getting so annoyed at some of the inconveniences that come with living in a different country.(My Mom has been kind to me and handled the problems back home that are caused by me not being able to do things personally.)

Yesterday, discovered that because I do not live in my house my current home insurance company is unable to continue to cover me. If I at least lived in the same country as my home, they would have been able to continue to insure my house. So I have to find a different company to insure my house. We may have already found a company to insure my house, but it is quite a bit more expensive. The other issue is that some of the wiring in my house is Aluminum, so the new company says there is a chance that when the underwriter reviews my application there is a possibility that they may decide they are not willing to insure it(therefore I may not be able to get my house insured). Another reason that I did not sleep very well last night.

Thank you for listening to my silly rambling.