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February 13th, 2017 at 04:58 pm

I am still thinking on idea of when to move back to home base(the house I own). The current plan is to see what I am thinking about moving back at the end of this year. December just might find me deciding to move back.
Thing is I was talking to one of the family members of the extended family that I have a large part in. Even after being gone for 8 months I still miss them pretty much everyday. The family unit really could use me moving back to help out. The kiddos definitely could use the emotional support, I was hoping this would not be the case.
After talking to them I really am wondering if I should work hard to figure out a way to get back there sooner rather then later. Sure the money at this job is awesome, and I am making a big dent into getting my house paid for. Is it worth it? Do I really need to be doing so? Family is way more valuable than any amount of money, so if it is ever clear that they really need me to be back there, I would instantly start making plans to get back there. No I would not walk into work one day and say "well I have decided to leave, today is my last day". I would more than likely say "Four weeks from now I am moving back home". The family does not need me to be immediately there, what they do need is my longer term presence.
I am currently paying off approximately 3 months worth of my mortgage for every month I work here. So I would like to make it so that by the end of this year and get my mortgage down to 15years left, currently at 18 years left. Then depending on the amount of money that I have set aside in my savings account, I just might be pulling the plug. As I say though, if the needs of the family get to be a great enough need, I just might be pulling the plug even earlier.