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More Information

January 26th, 2017 at 02:18 pm

I currently live 30 hour drive from where my family and friends live. Lets call this Home Base.

My house that I own(Still have a mortgage, so I guess the bank owns), is Home Base. In other words 30 hours from where I currently live. So why is this? I was given a job here. This job pays pretty well, and I love the work I am doing. I do hate being away from my friendship group back at Home Base though, so at some point I will be moving back to Home Base.

I currently have 2 fellows renting the house(Home Base). They actually rent rooms, not the house, so I can move back anytime I want. This covers the cost of the mortgage payments. I pay Utilities, Property taxes, and Insurance from my paycheck.

I am renting a room where I currently work, for a very small amount. Living expenses are minimal.

Under current conditions I am paying off approximately 12 weeks of my mortgage per month(4 weeks from normal payments, 8 weeks from the extra payments that I am putting towards the principle). I also am putting away enough to live for 1 more month with no paycheck each month, so that if at some point I lose my job, or I decide to move back to Home Base, I will be okay.

I am considering getting work back at home base. I might be force to accept minimum wage, which would just barely cover expenses. Which tells you how much I miss Home Base. There is also a penalty of $3000 dollars I would have to pay to my current employer, as this is the amount of money that they gave me for moving expenses, has to be paid back if I do not stay more than 3 years working here. Steep financial penalty to the idea of moving back to home base.

Current plan is to work for at least 6 more months here, probably going to make this more like till end of December. Will be thinking on this one over the next few months. Who knows I might decide to keep working here, only because it is allowing me to pay off such a large chunk of my mortgage.

First Time

January 26th, 2017 at 07:47 am

I have decided to make the next step and start sharing myself.

We shall see what I end up actually sharing.

I am ultimately looking to free myself from having to work. This does not mean I intend to quit working, it just means I am tired of having to work.

I currently live far away from where I would rather be. I have an extended family where I would prefer to be, that I would rather be serving. Currently I feel I need to earn money to pay off my mortgage as quick as possible. This being in debt forces me to have to work.